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carolina villalÓn

Carolina Villalón is a Board Certified Derma Technician, having studied at The Scar Treatment Recovery Center in Palm Desert California in 2015. Her certification skills include permanent & semi-permanent cosmetics, restorative tattooing, areola repigmentation. She is also a New York City Department of Health licensed Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, State of Connecticut Department of Public Health licensed Tattoo Technician, and holds an OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Certificate. She has a hunger to continuously learn more in the industry as new techniques and tools become available. Thus, she is constantly pursuing refresher courses so she can provide her clients with the most cutting edge techniques.

Carolina is passionate about providing restorative and cosmetic tattooing services for individuals who have lost a part of themselves by means of excess plucking, waxing, alopecia, trichotillomania, aging, medication use or cancer treatments. As of July 2021, Carolina will be welcoming appointments for areola tattooing and custom tattooing.

Having a love for creating art since childhood, Carolina applies the same meticulous and caring approach to all her work whether the canvas is paper, fabric, or skin. She prides herself on being professional, confidential, and friendly.

If you're interested in working with carolina

Please reach out via the contact page linked below. Carolina is appointment only with all her services. She is interested in creating hyperrealistic restorative tattoos and fun unique custom tattoos. Her passion is evident in the quality of her work. Carolina is eager to work with people who want to be a part of her artistic endeavors.

Restorative Tattooing

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