Sempiternal Artistry



Welcome to Carolina’s space, nestled in the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley. As a passionate artist, I find immense joy in immortalizing the things that bring a spark of happiness to our lives. From delicate plants and enchanting flowers to the mesmerizing allure of crystals and the fascinating world of insects, I love capturing the beauty and wonder of nature in my tattoos. Additionally, my artistic repertoire includes whimsical depictions of beloved cartoon characters, nostalgic pop culture icons, and even sweet candy hearts that evoke memories of childhood.

With each design, I strive to recreate the delight and cherished memories that these subjects evoke. Join me on a journey of reliving and reflecting the joy of yesteryears through the art of tattooing.

Located within the welcoming walls of the Hudson Valley Tattoo Company shop, my studio provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to explore your creative visions. Whether you desire a one-of-a-kind design or choose from my collection of readily available repeatable flash designs, I ensure a seamless and exceptional tattoo experience.